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About us

Leung Studio started when a family of acclaimed Chinese-American artists, H. Leung and his sons, Thomas Leung and Richard Leung,
immigrated to San Francisco from Hong Kong in 1979.

Each artist’s practice is rooted in the tradition of landscape painting, drawing influences from both the East and the West.
H. Leung’s paintings are drawn from his experiences traveling through China, often depicting idyllic fishing villages or romantic mountain ranges.
Thomas Leung’s paintings are influenced by his father’s work and life experiences gained during his twenties when he lived in Hawaii for several years, and then settled in the San Francisco Bay area.
He is known for his paintings of powerful volcanoes and delicate waterfalls. In the last few years, he has explored different forms of abstraction, drawing parallels to his figurative works.

Richard Leung’s work is unique from his brother and father. While primarily focused on landscape, his interest is in the natural beauty found within America.
In the last few decades, the Leung family of artists has exhibited their artwork in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Singapore, China, and throughout the United States.
The studio publishes and distributes both limited and open edition prints. These original paintings and prints are available at major galleries, including Lahaina Galleries, Genesis Galleries,Kona Oceanfront Gallery, 360 Fine Art, Primary Elements Gallery, and many others. Besides art prints, Leung Studio has also, in the past, published calendars, posters, greeting cards, album covers, stamps, and puzzles. Their works are collected by art lovers all over the world.

The leung family.

H. Leung

Born on May 14, 1933, in Canton, China, Ken H. Leung moved to Hong Kong in 1949 to become involved in the city's vital young artistic community....

Thomas Leung

Thomas Leung was born on May 30, 1958, in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Inheriting his artistic talent from his father, H. Leung, he grew up watching his ...

Richard Leung

Following in the footsteps of his father and older brother, Richard Leung is rapidly earning recognition as the family's third talented landscape pain...