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Our greatest works in one book.

Size:13 x 14 inches
212 color pages

The second edition of "The Art of H. Leung, Thomas Leung, & Richard Leung,” published in 2003, is now available through the Leung Studio.

It replaces the completely sold-out first edition, which earned a five-star rating on Amazon.com and numerous accolades from collectors and artists. The Leungs' work bridges the gap between Western and Oriental, between realism and abstraction. Even though they are oils on canvas, they have delicate look and feel of fine watercolors. "Their paintings evoke a dream-like mystery that tends to mesmerize the viewer," writes Lahaina Galleries president Jim Killett in the book's introduction. "The images are at once soothing and exciting, easy to live with, and the colors -- ah, the colors are magnificent!"

This second edition is produced under the eye of master colorist H. Leung and includes many new images from H. Leung and Thomas Leung. It also introduces the work of H. Leung's younger son, Richard, whose work has been rapidly increasing in popularity and is now represented by galleries through the West Coast.